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This story is of a young guy by the name Aming’a Arandi,just like any other ambitious business man he had an idea of starting a business. He decided to venture into dry cleaning business,his close friend had of it and he asked him if they could partner since he was his childhood friend he could not say no,they both had to come up with half of the income to start the business .Since his friend didn’t have the money he decide to get a loan from the bank and since Arandi was the owner of the business he had to be the guaranter. They started the business and after a few months his friend run away with the money they had made,his business was declared bankrupt and the bank seized his business equipment.

The guy was so depressed he didn’t know what to do all his savings he used to start the business, as he was soul searching on Facebook he saw few advertisement of business opportunities www.buy-trusted-tablets.com and he got interested.He was invited for a training and he attended it,he was motivated and just that same day he made a decision to join Socialbiz connect.

Since then Arandi’s life has transformed.He has become so knowledgeable with network marketing he has motivated so many young souls.Social biz connect has transformed his his income has changed,now its been over a year and he earns over ksh30,000 in a weekly basis am not doing this to brag but to motivate people who at point became a victim like Arandi, who probably lost their business.



This is Arandi and his business partners at the airport waiting to aboard their flight for their vacation


This is Arandi and his partner at the beach.

Now this guy his income has improved a lot he even gets the chance to Pumper  himself.Him and his friend’s went for a vacation to Mombasa they boarded a plain to Mombasa, visited Fort Jesus,the beach and more tourist attraction places.With SBC you can be your own boss and give yourself a vacation like this guys




This is him and his partners from Mombasa

They say success is a matter of choice,we saw this chance with this business we took the chance,because opportunities are never missed but simply taken by other people,if you are there and you have been motivated by this young guy,feel free to contact me on sms/whatsapp Mercy Rono (0704306358),



  1. Am motivated by his story madam

  2. Keep up and help more kenyans,be blessed.

  3. If the story is true then it helps alot. Its extremely hard to get such a helping hand at the time of need as his.

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