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Hi everyone my name is Mercy Rono a 23 year old lady, a graduate from Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology. After completing my school level l wondered how l was going to being my life,since l was done with my schooling,where to begin to search for a job,not just any other job but a well paying job.My dream has always been to live a good life.After l was done with my post attachment l traveled to Nairobi,to begin searching for a job.It was really hard finding one that was comfortable with,l woke up very early each and everyday traveled from one place to another looking for a job.

One day as l was on facebook,l saw of online business opportnity and l got interested.They where looking for school graduates,computer literates, and no experience was needed,how good was that,lt just described,its like the person was talking to me.l called the person,the guy was kind enough to explain about the business and invited me for a training session the next day.

I didnt believe all l saw during the training session,young people achieving grate just by working online,l even meet a young lady who was just 19 years earning 14,000,l was really embarrassed because when l was 19 all l did was just going from one town to another,going for concerts and watching movies,since l cleared my highschool,l didnt do anything meaningful with my life,but 19year old just cleared highschool last year earning such kind of income,after the training l went back home,l had to seat down and think what l was going to do with this opportunity,infront of me.
The next day l decided to go and try out the business,its said opportunities are never missed,they are simply taken by other people,l didnt want to see people succeeding with the opportunity that was offered to me.
My first 2 weeks in the business l earned this amount of money of money.


My 3rd month in the business l made that amount.


Now its been 5 months l dont earn less than 10,000 each and every week.


In the business and am achieving grate results,l dont have to look for a job, since am earning a good amount of money from the business.By next year l will workhard and make sure l earn 20,000 each and everyweek.Am here to help you achieve,the same as l am doing,kindly contact me on 0704306358



  1. How can I also start earning please teach me how to do it

    1. contact me on 0704306358

    2. Kindly contact me on +2540704306358

  2. wonderful

  3. Teach me also, i would also like to earn the amount

    1. Kindly contact me on my number 0704306358

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